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Really great website

Thesaurus Rex newsletter WAnts U...

The Way You Look at Me
Written by Calvin Rezen
Directed by Jillian Rezen
Choreography by Clara Weist and Calvin Rezen

Oh hey there, 

Thanks for logging on to our the website. 

Most people don't even look at websites anymore but you are clearly not 'Most. People'.  


and you are the President of Our Fanclub Now!


But who are we, you ask? 

Thesaurus Rex (2021-present)

Indie rock band Based in Brooklyn, NY:

The most hip'n happnin' jurisdiction in the northeast USA, so help me GOD! 

But that's not all!

We are, In Fact,, a rock band that plays Live and we would love to play for you, LIVE. We have a lot of fun when we do and we KNOW u will 2. It warms my heart that that you came onto our website and if you would like to keep up with shows, releases and such, we are very active on INSTAGRAM (by Mark Zuckerburg) Where we will announce all our upcoming shows, new releases, Merch sales, and and moreCheck us out on Spotify, Apple music, Deezer and everywhere else music is sold/streamed/stolen/listened to/heard/appreciated. 


Look, a real polaroid (c)picture of us. 

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Here's some video and picture of us.

"I hope you enjoy this video and picture of us" - Calvin

Also. I love that WIX allows me to access to this stock video entitled "free range rooster.".
Bock Bock


Meet the Band

Could'nt decide what to do with the background of this section, so we opted for a AI generated picture of Randy Newman holding his newborn baby.



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