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This is just a place to dump a words I don't quite know what to do with yet.

Mostly silly things and word play.


Stupid Band names: 

Fowl Ball

Honesty gimmick

Dr Jenarian

Title wave



Printing pressed

Midsized crisis

Extra stencil crisis

Employee of the month

Nephew in Law

Model squirrel

Backseat diver

Hobbes is dead

MacArthur Grant submission tape

Rhetorical lobster

Boxer, Briefly

Disposable Karma

Foul Swoop

Poultrygeist: An Accusation 

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no poltergeist, but a “Poultrygeist.”

This is not the soul of a guy who croaked, and whose foul demise made his spirit float, but a fowl in line to face the roast; disguised in white with the paltry hope his guise will hide his poultry throat from a paring knife and a carving post.

But folks, this rooster’s ruse is toast and his ghostly cloak with ghoulish eyes for a pulpy cry from a frightened bloke is a foolish joke that lies exposed as a ghostly hoax to foil the fire of an oven stoked to smoke him, fry his battered thighs, and fill a pie and a gravy boat.

Dwayne 'The Rock' President

Have you ever thought that maybe Dwayne the Rockman is the sturdy leader we’re looking for?


A leader that takes Fast and Furious action.

A leader that’s got a game plan.

A leader that knows how to get smart and be cool.

A leader who understands our Pain & Gains meaningful perspective on government through reading the works of Hobbs & Shaw?

A leader who loves this country from San Andreas to the Empire State and who even knows the Southland Tales.

A leader who understands Central Intelligence and knows how to find a Snitch.


Not just some sad baby who goes on a Rampage, believes in the Tooth Fairy and who waits til Mummy Returns, but a leader who actually knows The Rundown of hard issues we face.

Who goes Beyond the Mat to stop Gridiron Gangs. Who wants to ensure the Fate of the Furious enemies we face internationally through G.I. Joe Retaliation. Who actually cares about this countries problem with Race...





to Witch Mountains of American families would agree: The Other Guys don’t stand a chance next to Wayne ‘the Jock’ Ronson.


He could do Mo-Ana’s first day in the office than almost 50 other presidents so I think he is the perfect person to be Fighting with my Family to save to the Planet. 51 is not going to disappoint You Again. Bae, Watch the way he carries himself in that lifeguard movie I can’t remember the name of. He’s a Baller and he’s as tall as a Skyscraper. I know it’s a Longshot, but would you rather be Walking Tall or facing Doom? I don’t know about you but I’m casting my vote for John the Stone Raymond to be our next Scorpion King




Jumanji: The Next Level

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