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I’m just like my mother 

You're just like your dad 

We turn into each one 

A bit more each day

So it feels like our parents are

dating each other 

They’d probably argue and scream

We’re better when we disagree



I tell you you're pretty

You say I’m a tease 

You tell me I’m witty

You're cute when you lie

I like to be near you

You sleep in my bed 

You say you sleep better with me 



We eat with each other 

We talk in the shower

Brush teeth with each other

We waste away hours  

Man, love's such an instinct

Inherent and simple 

All of our ancestors swooned

It only makes sense we would too


We talk about children 

You only want boys

But I think a girl might be nice 

If she was like you

Do you think each want a chance

At raising each other?

An ancient prophetic decree

Imprinted genetic and true

You'll take care of someone like me

I’ll take care for someone like you

It's probably a part of us all

To find ourselves love and fall



© Calvin Rezen. All rights reserved.

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